Jumat, 07 Februari 2020

Why did we have to wait ‘til Amsterdam?

I would never forget that night, cold winter
And the warm welcoming smile at Schipol
I saw the shines of your eyes again
After both of us taking a whole different path
Who would even imagine?
That we were destined to meet by fate
In this foreign city, thousands of miles away from home

We missed the train, but we had our time
We took a good walk and reminisced the past
Nostalgia filled the air
And maybe Amsterdam gave me the courage
To finally say the things that had been on the tip of my tongue for years:
“I’ve always had this tickle feeling towards you,
but I didn’t think you would love someone like me,”
It slid out of my mouth,
Then I laughed to make it sound like a cheesy joke,
But you, and your silence, were deafening.
I guessed Amsterdam gave the same courage to you,
“I’ve always loved you, even since day one,” said you with that shaky voice.

Three years, thousands of days
None of us ever confessed
Until you went far following your dreams
And I chose to settle on my mediocre life
We sacrificed the story we deserve
Because we are too afraid, my dear.
Too afraid of what people might think.

“Why now? Why now? We’re running out of time,” that was what you kept saying.
The glimpse of time that we could’ve had together danced in our head.
You are right, we are running out of time
But, what if this is all the love we could ever get?
What if that night is the only night we could ever have
For our unfinished and even unstarted story?

So, under the Amsterdam lights, you landed a kiss on my lips
We held each other hands home
That night, we slept on the floor
I let you sleep peacefully on my chest.
And that was enough.

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