Rabu, 01 Juli 2020

Mid-year Reflection

Halfway through 2020.
Some are losing jobs, some dying. You have to avoid the gym to be healthy. Kids are not allowed to go to school. Airports are empty. Not seeing your family and friends is the best way to keep them safe. Plans are canceled. You can attend work meetings half-naked. Going to the grocery store feels like a life-threatening task. People who you thought would stay no matter what, leave.
What a weird year.
One second is rainbow and butterflies, and then you find yourself hit rock bottom, wondering will things ever get better. Life is so unpredictable.
A little thing I've learned and still learning this year: to accept things as it is. To do my best and yet stop when it's time to stop.
No matter how good I am, at some point, people will give up on me.
But it does not matter, as long as I don't give up on myself. 

Sabtu, 04 April 2020

Pnom Penh, Cambodia (1)

Jumat, 06 Maret 2020

There is nothing like us

There is nothing like waking up next to you with messy hair and greasy face and kiss your morning breath like people do in the movie.
There is nothing like your tiny room, bookshelf, fairy lights and the whiteboard calendar where you put my name and shape of love on the date I come.
There is nothing like making a nice berries smoothie and watching you cook breakfast for lunch and talk about good songs on Spotify.
There is nothing like finding out you put my photograph as wallpaper of your phone and seeing you complain about your essays and why is it not snowing in your town even it is winter.
There is nothing like holding each other hands on the train to spend a weekend in Leiden, take a walk on canals and make a good photograph of windmills.
There is nothing like having a medium-rare steak on Argentinian restaurant for dinner and ask the waiter for more sauce while you’re telling me you need a new phone.
There is nothing like going back to bed and hug you so tight until the morning light.
There is nothing like a sneaky kiss on the train station and waving each other goodbye when it’s time for me to leave.
There is nothing like your smile, baby. There is nothing like us. 


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