Kamis, 11 Maret 2010

donkey's not always stoopid

hello all

long time no see. its friday. i hate friday! i hate friday doesn’t mean i don’t hate sunday, monday,tuesday, wednesday blabla. i hate them all, but i hate friday the most. they all suck!

my lecture’s back to ‘normal’, even i think that’s not normal at all. hell yeah, you know how many subject for this semester? 16! and probably some subjects gonna come after that. huh. i still couldn’t concentration with the class even i tried so hard. i feel like a crap if i cant answer my lecturer’s question.

its 4th semester already, time to focus to lectures. everyone knows that im stupid. my brain is slow like a donkey, but at least this semester i try to change it. i’m trying so hard now.

there’re some programs i would do this semester:

First, NO MOBILE PHONE AT LECTURE. haha, sounds funny, but do you know that mobile phone is really influence so much. i’ll tell you about my experience. last semester i spent 50% lecture hours with phone in my hand. texting, downloading, browsing and do lots thing that there’s no relevance with my lecture, what did i get? i got nothing! i couldn’t remember anything even just one word! it different now, since i done this program, i can remember what my lecturer said in the class even just few sentence. its been so good for a donkey. so far, this program was really useful. you should try.

VOCAB THIS WEEK. now im trying to memorize some vocabs and add some word to the list every week. as you know my english is really bad, i just had score 490 on toefl. i should improve it if i wanna get scholarship to france, netherland, or usa, 2 years later. 2 years’s not a long time, so im starting it from now. get scholarship, that’s a weird dream for a donkey, but at least the donkey try it best right?

AEROBIC EVERY 2 DAYS. yeah, what is the relevance? haha. i do aerobic every 2 day just to improve my spirit. just to tell my self that im same with them all, no difference! maybe im not brawny and masculine like them all, but i have the same power. i can do what they do. i’ll show it someday!

COFFE AND MILK. i drink more coffe and milk now. coffe for keep my eyes open wide at class time and milk for giving me more energy. i had so much problem about sleep time. i don’t know why i could feel so sleepy anywhere anytime, probably because my abnormality. hahaha. too much ‘abnormality’ words lately. i have a plan to make ‘abnormality’ word to be my slogan. i just haven’t find the good sentence with ‘abnormality’ word yet. i try to love my abnormality, just close my eyes, close my ear, and keep goin. i don’t care what people are saying. with my wide eyes and more energy i think i could study better. amen.

actually there’s so much programs that i wanna do this semester, but i really drowsy to make it all here one by one, so i’ll tell you next time okai. this week i got some comment here in my blog. thankyou for that all. one best comment came from mie ayam inggris. thanks dude for ya comment. i really appreciate. hahaha. he said my post was really annoying! hahaha. i know that, sometimes listen to people problem’s is really suck. one thing i wanna say to you, everyone could dissapoint, no matter if he/she’s a fisherman, merchant, or president. madya praja like me can feel disappointed too. we’re just a human.

that’s all, i have lots comin up work,

byebye, see you soon



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