Senin, 03 Mei 2010

mayday mayday!

mei 3rd 2010

hello there!

finally oh finally my marks last semester has been shown up.

lil bit dissapointed cause my plan to get no 'B' mark in last semester was failed,
but i try and try to thankful for what i got. thanks god

here they are:

human rights : A+
government ethics: A
public services: A
public policies analysis: A
local government system: A
organization theories: B

social statistisc: B

i got B on social statistic and organization theories.

i dunno whats wrong with those subject.

oh ya, i have a lil bad news. my lovely sister failed entering medical faculty with PMDK way (no test). she's lil bit dissapointed but i tried to give her advice and encouregement, so she's been ok now after crying a whole day.

now she would struggling for SNMPTN, the normal test to entering university.
nothing to be worried with that, i know she's struggling hard and do her best best.
for you sweetheart:
'believe your self, then you'll get it. pray pray pray,
dont stop praying, cause god will hear you if you're praying.'

oh ya, you already read my last post about celery right? after 7 days waiting the selery seeds now growing up to be a tiny plans, sure thats beautiful. my last sunday struggling isnt vain. horay!

i wrote about Indonesian transexual on a social networking. and got a lot of response. i hope you’ll read it (and gives some comments okay?) :

click here to read! (:

sorry for some pending friend request on facebook. I haven’t approve yet just because I dunno who you are. please add me on my 2nd account, it will be opened to all of you, NO exception!

to find me on facebook, just click the pic:

head bang on computer

last, happy bday to:

joy zuniga
eka purwanti putri

wish u all the best.

mei 3 2010

2 blabla(s):

Eko mengatakan...

gara-gara kurang bersosialisasi keknya tuh....

*manggut-manggut narik-narik jenggot

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ mengatakan...

kurang sosialisasi apanya??
*garuk2 kepala.


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