Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

exam and palopo


i just woke up from napping. yes, i was napping after full week
slept at 2.00am.semester exam has over already! yey.
so far so good *boong banget*
my exam was good, but there are problems on some subjects, like politic developing and GREENHOUSE practical! yes damn GREENHOUSE. i dunno why it cant stop ruin my life.
wish i wouldnt meet that subject anymore next semester!
I HATE the lecturer very much! MUCH!

i strove so much on this semester to not have B mark anymore,
but i think my plan's been shattered. i couldnt answered 11 questions on Greenhouse exam. damn questions! probably i'll get E or D for this subject *hope not!*
about politic developing, yeah i so much regret cause i took it so easy,
so now it serves me right!
there are many question i couldnt answered, instead they all on my notebook!i dont read books on the night before, and its been one of best regret this year.

if 'usual' university let their grandstudent to have vacation. different here! even you already passed the exam, you cant have vacation till there's rector decision to let us to have vacation. sad. ToT. try to take positive point (again), at least exam's over, and it wont bereave my happines for next 3-4 month. actually there's 2 exam again which i should pass. first, phisical test and practical test

lemme tell you what have i done and what im going to do:
  • 21-26 june. sem exam. glad its over already, but i worried about one subject: GREENHOUSE. this subject really sucks!
  • 28-29 june. practical provisions from director, sekda kota palopo, camat wara timur and warden. what does it mean? yeah! sit up for hours (dan pantat berasap).
  • 30 june. leave for Palopo! palopo about 400km (10 hours) from south celebes capital province. we'll leave at 09.00 pm.
  • YUDITIUM! i'll be a nindya praja! goodbye madya.
  • 1 july-21 july. work on kelurahan ponjalae in palopo. im not sure it will be nice, but i tried to take this as vacation, at least i could escape the campus routinity right? i will be there about 21 days.
:my groupmates:

isfan zeldi (nad)
syalimin (kep. riau)
k marbun (north sumatera)
riza pahlevi (south sumatera)
afni nooraini (west java)
windri oktocarinna (central java)
hariyanto wibowo (east java)
silomayansari (southeast celebes)
s musmeen (central celebes)
isma r hentihu (moluccas)
vernal m vina (ntt)
sigit pranjoro (riau)
mukhlis karie (north moluccas)
rulyan rosres (west papua)
bangkit p adzi (papua)

  • 22 july-16 august. back to makassar and making report.
  • 17 august-VACATION!! i cant wait for it. waaa, come on run faster!

things that i hate so much from moving is PACKING! i just packed all of my clothes and stuffs (and now so tired). i bring almost all of my stuff. laptop, portable HD, cam, cellphone, full suitcase and blabla. here them are:

dont tell me the case and keychain is soo gay! lol

okai. i need to get some rest for leaving tonight.
i dont know if there's connection on palopo or not.
if not, thats mean i wouldnt online till july 22.
i'll be missing you so much.
leave any comment or poke me on chatbox okai?
i'll reply if i've been back.
see ya


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mahatrywan fhony mengatakan...

Badoa c dosen greenpantekbebe-el tu magiah nilai acak, kebetulan u yg dapek A..
Sukses y PKL lo, lengkap gitu badak u pai ka palopo.. Labiah panuah kotak daripado kotak badak rani..
Woi den ado kabar bahagia tentang tiket!!Kalau butuh info telpon den!!! Rugi kau kalau ndak!

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ mengatakan...

ndak kamungkin A do. payah dapek nilai dari paja ptk bebeel t.
iyo nah, ndak dapek aka lai. hha
iyo2. e tamasya..

hana tsurayya mengatakan...

senengnyaa udah ke palopo..
i've never visited this city anyway huhuhu x(

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

this is not a city. just a town :DD

Anonim mengatakan...

haloo hans...
ternyata punya blog juga yaa..
bagus lho isinya.. hehehehe..
jadi tau banyak tentang kegiatan kamu. hahahaha..
cuman mo ngomentarin nih, soal angle foto paling bawah..
angle n cara motretnya keren,,, jadi kesannya wahhh.. hahaha..
mampirya keblog anee..

betania gian

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

thanks beta :D
iye2 ntar ane mampir hehe x)


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