Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

i got a cam

hello world!

2 days ago i got a packet from my dad.
you kow what he sent to me?
sony cybershoot 7.2 mp
(i still dunno what the type)
thanks dad. i really need it now.
ure the best dad ever!

i was directly using that cam
and captured random pics
these them are:

this is my handwriting on leaderships note.
haha some people adore it but i still cant get
where's the goodness point of it. lol

left: the shift button of my laptop. you can see,
the macro of this cam work so well.
*even cant be compared with SLR camera*
right: the pic i took few minutes after my friend
memed officially announced as new vice major of my campus
congratulation to you dude! work well okai.

last saturday, i tried to take picture on
major, vice major and representative council appointment ceremony
as usual, i tried to do my best,
you know what the reaction of my warden?
he told me that im a
bad photographer
, not professional, my pics sucks
and bla bla bla without saw those pics
i almost exploded, but i tried to calm down
i just speak inside,

"damn you! i wish i could send you to the hell!"
*hope he doesnt read :D

well, now i just take the positive point,
i need to be better! so the one with double mounth
like him will stop complain me

okai, next pics

first: this is kompasiana bag. i obtained it from
kompasiana nangkring di makassar about 2 month ago
on triple C, makassar
second: memed's bmouse, cellphone and nail clippers
third: memed's toothbrush case.
fourth: my dispenser tap

what do you think? do they look good?

last, these are my favorite:
the pic which took with timer. im laying down on my bed and
some medicine on front. dunno why, i love this pic!

and this one

my mouse. blue mouse

thats all, hope you enjoy y amateur pics.
thank to my dad for giving me this cam
and thanks to you who read it!
i need to packing my clothes to go to palopo tomorrow
if there's no connection there, i wont online till july 22
see ya friend. i'll miss you.


4 comment(s):

Gie mengatakan...

eh tulisanku kalah tuh -.-'

ippaparazzi mengatakan...

bujubuset keren sekali jepretannya kak! kool! :D
si sony dapet salam dr kameraku, mpus namanya (olympus)

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ mengatakan...

wew. masa sh? haha :D

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ mengatakan...

hahaha gracias gracias.
asal2 jepret aja awalnya tuh.
hehe x)
oia, dapet salam balik dari mas son. hehehe


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