Senin, 13 September 2010

ied at home


idul fitri came again! alhamdulillah, this year i still have a chance to celebrating it (dunno if next year god still give me chance or not). a month of fasting didn’t feel anything, deep inside my heart i want to get more days fasting, so i’ll get more days at home. haha. thinking to back to campus made me sick! im freaking hate to goo.

it was really peaceful when i woke up in the morning and takbir is everywhere! i got shower and eat my breakfast: lontong sayur special for lebaran. as usual, my mom always cooked any lebaran food every years. though its not my favorite, but i do like that. this lebaran kinda lack without my first little sister, i miss her so much. :( hows lebaran there sweety?

i went to ied pray with my family on balai jaring field, not so far from my home. i was happy to saw child run run and showed off their new clothes and angpao. haha i ever did it when i was young! OMG that’s mean i grew up now? waaa. time, why do you run so fast! i still wanted to be a child with no burden. i cant believe im 20 yo now (but always behave like 9 yo boy right?)

lebaran means thousands of snacks! HORAY. that’s what i like the most from lebaran! i can eat anything as much as i want, and nobody forbid me for that! cakes, coke, cracker, and biscuit everywhere! what a heaven for me. i can eat anything without scare of my weight! haha, that’s the advantage of being skinny person! all of stuff that i ate didn’t impact anything to my weight. i dunno should happy or sad to write this.

lebaran this year lil bit different with last. this were without new clothes, without angpao, and without my first little sister. but didn’t reduce lebaran meaning for me. :) as usual, on first day after ied pray. i and my family went to my daddy’s hometown, there on halaban, kabupaten 50kota. tough its been years my granny passed away, but my family still do this. if before we lined up at my granny home, now we moved to my aunt home. i miss u so much granny, you supposed to be here.

this year, my whole big family from medan, padang, pekanbaru and jakarta came back home! so you can imagine how crowded my aunt house with dozen of toddlers! i swore, i didn’t know what to do there. fathers lined up on living room, mothers on kitchen, my nephews played hide and seek outside, my nieces at room dressed up, my cousins who all of them younger than men on porch watching my nephews and im the older boy just sat alone in front of tv with nothing to do for hours. so i took my camera and tried to captured some pics. my niece, nephews,and the cakes were the objects!

my nephew, Ale

my niece, chazia

my niece, sausan

my cousins, they're married!

my first breakfast after a month fasting

who can resist?haha

cake cake cake

after got lunch together with my whole big family, we decided to come home. wave goodbye! and i drove home. lebaran this year was fun but a little bored. i wish you my sister were here, so have friend to talk. ;[
i wish lebaran next year would be better than this. amin.

wishes this lebaran
my holy lord, listen to this slave. please erase all of my mistakes. i know i got thousands of maybe millions of sins, and i know some cant be erased. but im wishing you to respect all of my efforts to be better person. i wish you would give me a friendly life and makes me enjoy that. i wish everything will be fair for me and please lord, watch me and my fam from all of danger of this world. give us easiness on everything and let all of problems go away from us. i know ure full of affection and mercy.

i wish u all always on lord’s hand and be a new person in this holy day
minal aidin walfaizin,
enjoy your cakes!

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Gie mengatakan...

Baca postingmu malem2 bikin laper mas -.-'
anyway knapa atuh adeknya ngga ikutan kumpul?

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

haha. ya monggo ke ruang tamu to dek. ada kue bertoples-toples.
adeku kuliahnya mepet dek, jadi nggak pulang.
kangen banget padahal

Gie mengatakan...

ya kalo dunia maya bisa ditembus gt mau aja -.-'
loh emangnya kuliah dmn mas? kok ada PTN yang ngasih liburnya mepet.. padahal moment kumpul bgt to ya :(

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

di UI dek. gak tau tuh. katanya masuknya cepet, lagian dalem 2 bulan ini udah 2 kali pulang dek.
iya, kamu kpn balik ke bandung?

deenee mengatakan...

bagi donk nastarnya mas,,

Little Darkstar mengatakan...

hi hans.. suka sharing, just put link sy saja.. Thanks again ^_^
samat beraya aidilfitri,
lontong kamu kelihatan sgt sedap ;)

ReActivate mengatakan...

::: salam idulfitri buat saudara hans brownsound [huhu] nama betul kamu ya? anyway saya terbaca komen kamu di blog 'little darkstar' lalu terus ke blog saudara.. cantik blog kamu.. simple but very-very nice.. lagu pun enak juga. eh kuih raya di indonesia sama juga ya dengan di malaysia [huhu].. selamat hari raya idulfitri hans!

ippaparazzi mengatakan...

angpao angpaaaaaaaoooo!
lah bukannya ngomen yg bener malah nodong :PP

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

deenee: ayo dek. ambil aja. haha :D

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

little darkstar: hei, glad u here. i adore ur doodles. :D i just followed u!

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

reactivate: hei :D hello.
thanks for compliment. ^_^
hehe. selamat lebaran ya. maaf lahir bathin..

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

angpao angpao apaan.
pendapatanku menurun nih tiap tahun.
believe or not, tahun ini cuma 20 rebu.


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