Senin, 20 September 2010

a letter to god

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didi-aNNa mengatakan...

do you r not so happy hans??

it quite embrassing to say this, but i also do not feel happy. sumtimes.

well,there r too many things that can make us happy. for me i feel happy if sumone are smiling at me. ;))

p/s:but u need u smile to people first ;P hehehe..

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

i dunno didi. sometimes i feel the happiness is hard to reach. i dunno why.
sometimes this empty feeling haunt me so bad and i dunno what should i do.
yes, ure right. in fact smile could stop the war haha.
its really nice to see u agai here.
i miss ur post. :D

Betacenturia mengatakan...

Only god knows, I think you don't have a right to say that. Imagine if there were only happiness in the world. Remaining happy all the time would be meaningless as in absence of suffering... we would never realize the meaning of true happiness!

Owh about link ex, of course !!!
Yuk tukeran yuuuu :D

Gie mengatakan...

kenapa mas? kayanya terrible gt..
tetep semangat yah!! :)

Anonim mengatakan...

u should think positive about this.
but sometimes i also feel like u.

btw,i like ur cute!!!!!

Gogo Caroselle mengatakan...

hello hans :)

i think the measurement of happiness is different from one to another...,
for some, just to have a house, friends and family is enough, while others they need more...

i hope you'll find your happiness soon, dear...

and it's nice to know you :)

Senjana Jingga mengatakan...

maybe, you need a chat with God? =D

Lana Lang said,
Life is about change. Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes it's painful, but most of the time is both. If life doesn't crazy, why bother living it?


Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

yes. i exactly know. really2 know. i dont have a right to curse at god.
but people can say anything bad at bad condition ryt? but surely, im ok now.
thankyou for ths comment. ure really kind.

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

its ok now dek. biasa. siklus bulanan bhahahaha..

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

yaa shatirah. its hard to think positive.
thanks for compliment.
u too.
ur blog's adorable.

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

waa..its nice to see u here.
i adore ur handwriting.
ya, i'll find my happiness soon. *crossfinger*
its nice to know u too, as i tot, ure nice person :)

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

hai icha, i just know ur real name actually. haha x)
yaa. if only god has any account on ym or msn. hahaha x)
thanks for that quotes.
thats help!

Gie mengatakan...


Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

bhahahaha, kan gak lucu kalo 'mbak hans' hahaha,,

Anonim mengatakan...

hihi .. kenapa kita g bahagia ya hans ? confused so .. pengen balik SMA deh .. balik ke SMP .. SD .. balita ..

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

jadi lo juga?
yaudah deh, nyok sama-sama kembali ke masa lalu.
cari doremon sono..


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