Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

im gone

well, dear. i wish you would read this post.
i'm so sorry for leave you with tears
and heart on pieces.
i know how it feels,
but, someday you'll know.
my decision, wasn't just my selfish.
i took this way cause i believe,
this is the best for both of us.
i know it hurts now.
but its better to hurt you now,
than hurt you someday when our road has been long.
when we already have children.
when your love to me can't say by the word anymore.
i dont want to make it worse,
so i set you free. i let you go.
and im gone.

please listen to me..

i don't want to have to see you happy.
i can't even bare to see you smile.
now-a-days i can't look in your eyes
well i can but it takes a while
does it show? told a lot of white lies to hide it all.
but they're beginning to break me down,
though i promise it's over now.

i tried my best to keep it all together.
tryna take it back to where we were.
never been to good at keeping secrets,
i'll give you reasons but for what it's worth
let me go..
what the hell would make you look at me the same?
used to say "we're unbrakeable."
but i just went & changed it all.

see if i told you,
could you live with that?

if i told you,

could you live with that?

if i told you,
i couldn't live with that!
noo, i'd rather give you no excuses at all.

you gave everything and honestly it's every fault of mine.
to beg you for forgiveness just seems wrong.
see, leaving you is one thing but you've got to realize:
some things are best unspoken so please don't ask me why

i'm gone.
i don't blame you at all.
'cause after all the of the things that you did for me got beaten by temptation
i'm gone.
girl you're better off alone.

i don't want you to see the truth in me.

that's why
i'm gone.
i'm gone,
i'm gone,

i'm gone.

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Azah Skaliskala mengatakan...

hi hans.. what happen?

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

nope azah.
just some heart probs.
i'll b better soon


Azah Skaliskala mengatakan...

Wish u get better soon ya..
Cheer up and smile always :)

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

thanks azah :)

Kiki mengatakan...

ciaw sedih banget sampe unbreakablenya kebalik gitu. hhe.
but... its a sad song. it reminds me at the time I waved away to him.. oh dear it hurts like hell.

Gogo Caroselle mengatakan...

i really kno how you feel,
going thru the same thing now...
difficult yah hans...

Senjana Jingga mengatakan...

two thumbs up, hans. udah berani mengambil satu keputusan. aku sendiri masih terombang ambing dalam bimbang...ckckck

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

kiki: hell yeah dear. it hurts thousand times worse than the hell. :(

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

gogo: really go?? u face d same thing too? here dear, i'll give you a hug. :( hope everything gonna be okai.
be strong ya go..

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

thanks ya cha.
waa kok bisa sih?
keseringan main di pantai nih pasti, sampai terombang ambing gitu. hehe

Kiki mengatakan...

but you can believe one thing. the time dear. time will heal it. well I still cant get over it till today but I'm on the way to believe it. u're strong enough to let her go :(

Gogo Caroselle mengatakan...

iya sayang, kamu juga ya...
saling nguatin kita :)

Senjana Jingga mengatakan...

iya...ombaknya ganas.. XD

Anonim mengatakan...

sedih eykeh bacanyo ..

yang sabar da hans :)
smg dia baca dan pasti baca .. :D


masalah sepaket ama solusinya.

smg solusinya akan tiba ketika kebahagiaan n kesempurnaan udh masing2 kalian dapetin. amin.

jadi g ada yang dirugikan n tersakiti ..

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

semangat ya go.
i'll be here whenever u need me.

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

survive ya ca. kita bisa! :)

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

thanks peh. iya nih.
cape gue peh.
gak pernah ngehargain usaha gue sam sekali dianya.
yang dia liat dari gue cuma jelek-jeleknya aja.
shit! gue udah gak mau tau lagi sama dia. sumpah!


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