Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

be home soon

hello readers! hawaya?milkysmile

sorry for disappear so long. im on my vacatioooon!
finally christmas and new year vacation's coming. thats mean i have a month free time.
as i told you before, my plan to go to manado was canceled and i would directly come home.
my vacation would sucks if it was like that! so i was begging my mom to let me spend a week in bandung and jakarta. and she let me!

i decided to spent five days in bandung, because all of my high school classmates live there. i stayed at one of my classmates boarding room and hang out everyday. we went shopped and i've spent almost all of money there, i bought t-shirt, bag, sweater, jeans and everything till i just have about two hundred thousands rupiah on my wallet and left my atm card with no money. i dunno if i could stay with this money till i got my home.

now im here in depok. im sitting on university of indonesia's online room (people call this bougenville), waiting my sister to finishing all of her classes. so i open her lappy and online for few minutes. :) actually didn't prepare any post. all of my pics still in my camera. i promise i'll tell everything here as soon as possible.

this is my last day stay on java island. finally, tomorrow i'll be flying home!
yey! i can't wait to see my hometown.

ps: abis liat foto temen-temen saya yang lagi snorkeling di manado.
envyyyyyy!! :(

-hans brownsound

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didi-aNNa mengatakan...

wah, happy holiday hans! ^^
and welcome back home soon. ngee~~ :P
can't wait to see ur photos.

Dhio Delin mengatakan...

follow me back :D thankyou

Claza mengatakan...

Sayang banget ya nggak ke Manado, gue orang Manado lho! Actually it's my Mom's hometown. Semoga ada kesempatan lagi kesana ya. Cheers!

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

okai didi.
:D i just uploaded some

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

okai. done!
i swear i ever saw you before.

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

hahaha. gapapa.
next time kan masih ada.
mungkin taun depan.
oh, asli manado ya?


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