Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

here they are, princesses

hello my friends,duck
glad you still being here.
as my promise, i uploaded all of my 21 greeting pictures here on my blog,
and here they are, greeting from all around the world!
well, thankyou by the way
i don't have any words to tell you, how impressive you really are!

maligayang kaarawan (pilipino/means happy birthday)

thanks marielle!

a greeting from lithuania,
thanks my dear marianna!

a greetings from bahamas, thanks CORTNEY!
i wish you'd have more customers on your salon.

hey AYBIEK your origami's beautifull,
one from turkey!

one more from philipines, from you duck!
haha, okai dr. i'll eat 21 tablet of happiness a day
one thing i should admit that you're not talented in doodling
its so silly that you pictured me as a goat with grass on his mounth and you're a duck with crown
what does it mean? are you duckling princess?

one from hungary, my dear JULIE!
well, honestly your wish made my eyes glassy,
thank you julie, i wish we could have jasmine tea together

one from jatinangor, thanks GITA
you look so sweet here!

from madiun now, AJ!
as always, you're really cute here

again, from philipines,
thanks Anne!
u have cute handwriting

semarang! thanks Ipeh
hey, did you think my name is 'H'

my cutie little sister from philipines,
a big thanks from your Kuya dear,
sorry for make your face dirty
i love you so much my sister Katherine!

now from jatinangor again,
thanks PUDIN for being the first,
but i really want my flashdisk back! grrrr.

from jakarta, thanks SHERLEY!
i miss my time with you

mukhti sister now,
from jakarta and malang,
i'm happy you both still remember my bday,
thanks alot bassal mukhti and katanak mukhti!

one of a good friend from jogja,
thanks alot CHA,
hahaha, i've forgotten the present,


13 blabla(s):

Anonim mengatakan...

um... I'm sorry there aint no pict from me :(

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

its okay qie :)

Anonim mengatakan...

I'll pay for it. I promise..

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

don't think about it so much, its totally okay =)

Anonim mengatakan...

aaa.. I heart you, buddy!

maidiyanto rahmat mengatakan...

baru nyadar, cewe semua pak.hahaa

Enno mengatakan...

jiaaaah! hahahaha

fans-nya meni banyak getoooh!


Alvina A. Amir mengatakan...

hoaahhh byk jg yee fans lo hans.. semuanya cwek lg.. cantik2 bgt yak.. pasti bingung mau milih yg mana hehehe :P

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

mede: haha. kalo cowok semua malah lebih aneh med, wkwk

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

bukan fans kali enn,
temen-temen ini hehehe

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

mb vina:
wkwkwk.bukan fans, temen semua iki, bener loh mbak,

rhein fathia mengatakan...

Oh, elu baru 21?

Gw kira udah 25....

Hans Brownsound ツ mengatakan...

ih masih daun muda gni gue tau.


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